Opening remarks by Michelle Fleury

Michelle Fleury
This year’s conference is focused on the fundamental role of freedom of expression in promoting and defending all of our human rights. And so it is very appropriate and meaningful that we all find ourselves in this room of all others in the General Assembly Hall in the United Nations World Press Freedom Day was created by a General Assembly Proclamation back in 1993 and to mark the 30th anniversary here is a short video capturing some of the key moments from the last three decades.
Unknown 1
Today is World Press Freedom Day.
Unknown 2
This is Press Freedom Day and this day is World Press Freedom Day.
Audrey Azoulay
This anniversary today is not just a reminder of the past. It is a commitment, a collective commitment to take for the future, a commitment to keeping the spirit of the wind declaration alive
Gwen Lister
In the normal run of their work. Whether they’re covering wars or famines or whatever trying to bring information to the people..
Christiane Amanpour
We must make sure that either government or non-government actors that do this to journalists are held accountable.
Audrey Azoulay
Perhaps the challenge
Joko Widodo
In generation
Nana Akufo-Addo
Civil Society groups to interrogate fearless government accents and positions.
Jodie Ginsberg
It’s amazing to work with such passionate defenders of free expression and freedom of expression needs these passionate defenders. We all need such passionate defenders of free expression.
Stef Blok
The ministers will underwrite with me statements that we will do our emails to protect journals
Michelle Fleury
Well on a day dedicated to press freedom around the globe. This video highlights some of the key moments of the last 30 years and all those who worked so hard to defend our rights to freedom of expression and that work is not over in the face of growing threats to journalists and media. It is more important than ever to protect media workers and their right to report.